• Setup Golang in 2021 (still on MacOS)

    Just received a new laptop and realized that my notes from 2019 are not up to date. We do not use dep and GO workspaces. Time to make a new checklist.
  • http.Server.WriteTimeout vs http.TimeoutHandler

    By default, the Go HTTP Server puts no time limits for execution. It is the developer's responsibility to set appropriate timeouts to prevent connection leaks. This article compares two options to manage timeouts.
  • Golang APM with Opentracing and Datadog

    Opentracing is getting popular as a vendor-agnostic APM API for microservices. This article describes how to use it in Go service and with Datadog.
  • How to verify AWS SNS message with Clojure

    AWS Simple Notifications Services (SNS) delivers messages to multiple recipients including HTTP and HTTPS subscribers. Endpoint should verify message origin before it is processed. Let's see how message validation can be implemented in Clojure.
  • Can new Go errors wrapper replace pkg/errors?

    Go version 1.13 includes new functions to work with errors. These functions are expired by popular package. Let's see if new wrapper can replace existing library.
  • Skip tests in Go

    Different types of tests require different schedules. We run tests for our code as soon as we make changes, after that we run the whole test suite to commit code to the source control. Database modification requires running DB tests. How can we control what tests to run?
  • Code Coverage in Go

    Getting Golang code coverage and posting to is simple. Or not?
  • Angular code coverage using CircleCI and Coveralls

    Step by step instructions how to enable Code Coverage check for your Angular CI pipeline.
  • Setup Go Dev environment on macOS

    This post is not intended to provide comprehensive instructions and answers to all the questions related to the topic. Instead, it describes what works for me and how you can achieve production ready Go environment enabled for TDD.
  • Uninstall Go on macOS

    After working for several years on different Go versions and using variety of different tools it is time to reset my system to the "clean" state. Just to be clear, my machine works just fine, it is a perfectionist inside me who wants to remove stuff that is not in use anymore.
  • Go on AWS CodeBuild beyond Hello World

    CodeBuild is an AWS managed build service. Out of the box it supports many programming languages including Java, Node, Python, Ruby and Golang. AWS provides good documentation and samples for different frameworks to get developers up to speed. I currently use Golang on my machine. Let me show you how CodeBuild works with Go ecosystem. I will start with a simple hello-world project and later will make it more complicated to demonstrate how CodeBuild deals with dependencies and nested packages.
  • My posts at Jocks to the Core

    Links to my posts in previous blog
  • Hello World!

    Hello World!

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